2019 Events by Karen

Karen Richards hosts Gordon Garforth

Karen Richards hosts Mychael Shane
Mychael Shane in Perth - 15-17 March, 2019

Fri 15th March Apport and Billet Readings Seance 7pm to 9pm in light
Sat 16th March Dark Room Q & A and Apports Seance (FULL)
Sun 17th March Telekinesis Workshop 10 - 5pm
Sun 17th March Apport and Billet Reading Seance 7pm to 9pm
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Rev. Mychael Shane is a transpersonal physical medium and has spent his life connecting with ascended Masters to bring their knowledge, principles and light to humanity via lectures, healings and physical mediumship. Some of the past phenomena experienced during this medium is transfiguration, apportations, billet readings, direct voice and materialisations of various body parts external to the medium.

2018 Events by Karen

Karen Richards hosts Kai Muegge
Kai Muegge
25th - 28th January, 2019 - details and bookings information TBA.
Join us as Perth Psychic Medium Karen Richards, presents Kai Muegge, Physical Medium from Germany. Dates are January 25th to 28th 2019, more details to come. Kai Muegge is one of the founding members of the ASSMPI and is also a research medium dedicated to Physical Mediumship and applied Science. Kai is a certified physical medium who demonstrates physical phenomena and has been one of the most scientifically tested physical mediums to date.

An evening of Mediumship and Psychic Art. Watch as your loved one's portrait is being drawn by Sandy as messages are lovingly delivered by Australian mediums Karen Richards and Imelda Penny. Sandy is also presenting a workshop on "How to become a Spirit Artist". Private sittings are available from Sandy whilst she is here.