Mychael Shane – Physical Medium – April 2018

Karen hosted Rev. Mychael Shane in April, 2018. He is a transpersonal physical medium and has spent his life connecting with ascended Masters to bring their knowledge, principles and light to humanity via lectures, healings and physical mediumship. Some of the past phenomena experienced during this medium is transfiguration, apportations, billet readings, direct voice and materialisations of various body parts external to the medium.

Whilst in Perth, Mychael specifically did Séance and Billet reading and apport séance (lightened conditions). Sitters wrote a question on a card and Mychael channelled the answer, blindfolded, from spirit. Then Mychael sat in the cabinet, and when ready, produced apports, which sitters received with a message. The apports are said to contain magnetic healing power and spiritual energy specifically destined for the receiver of this gift.

Mychael also offered personal trance channelled readings by going into trance and allowing spirit to communicate with the sitter directly.