Psychic Readings

From time to time individuals require guidance in their lives with some clarity and direction as to where they are and where they are going. For this type of psychic reading I am what is called a natural ’SEER’ no tools such as cards are used when ’tuning’ into each person’s energy.

During the psychic reading, I see images of a person’s past, present and potential future shown as you would imagine a video or photo, or looking at a photo album. At the same time hearing words or names of people and places as confirmation of direction in your life, life purpose and future potential. I can also provide a full psychic reading via phone or in person.

We are sometimes aware of situations which surround us, but having the acknowledgement from someone else can help to clarify things. Both psychic and mediumship readings are carried out in a calm and relaxed environment. I will be happy to discuss with you your preferences, and will put you very much at ease to make sure your time with me is both enjoyable and memorable.

“Karen Richards, you are beyond amazing! Very accurate and excellent guidance! Every time I see you, I have left feeling empowered!! You don’t waste time, straight to the point and honest. Since finding you, I will not be seeing anyone else! For me you are perfect. Thank you Karen!!”
Julia S

Mediumship Readings

Many people are not comfortable going to public mediumship demonstrations to see mediums work but still hope to connect with their loved ones. A private one on one mediumship sitting gives you the intimacy of “catching up” with your loved ones in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Sometimes information will come through within the one on one sitting which would not be touched upon in a public demonstration.

The privacy element plays a big part on keeping your own mediumship sitting very personal and individual.

“Karen Richards has a rare gift like no other psychic I have seen. Not only can she bring through your loved ones, she can predict with uncanny accuracy! She is compassionate and offers you insights and practicality in your situation.
Karen Richards brought peace to me during the tough time of losing my dad. Karen brought Dad through with grace and dignity with 100 percent proof it was my Dad.
It was better than winning lotto, just to hear from him one more time. I definitely now believe there is Life After Death. Thank you Karen”
– Theresa S