Table Tipping

Table Tipping

Experience a genuine Victorian table seance  in a safe environment with psychic medium Karen Richards.

Table tipping (also known his table turning table tapping or table tilting) is a type of seance in which several persons sit/stand around a table/tables, hands resting on the top, our loved ones in spirit join us, igniting the table where it begins to vibrate. The table then moves creating a spirit communication, moving very rapidly, from side to side and in a circular motion, tapping the legs, rises in the air, all the time creating a direct communication with the spirit world, by answering questions you may have.

A wonderful experience..

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We used a camera purposely built to map  spirits presence (Often used during paranormal investigations). The camera is set up during a table tipping session with a friend and I. It maps us as a stick figure, then also spirits around us, look what happens when we leave the table….
You can see our spirit friends are still with the table !
So much fun 😇